Rights of Way – Problems and Diversions

Current Known Problems and Diversions

The Society works closely with the National Park Authority on issues affecting Rights of Way. We also help maintain footpaths at Volunteer Days, details of which can be found in the Walks Programme. Below you will find a list of current problems and diversions to footpaths in the National Park that have been reported to us. There is also a link to a detailed map showing the location and extent of the problem. If you know of any additional problems, please inform our ROW Officer, David Dickson, using the Contact Form at the bottom of the page.

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Abergavenny – Path Diversion

Park Lodge Farm
1.5km SE of Sugarloaf
SO 2846 1807

June 2014

Footpath diverted around farm buildings on a permanent basis, in order to enable the construction of an agricultural building. [PAR804/401/D/33]

Click here for detailed map

Waterfalls Area – Blocked Path

Bronwydd Farm
2.5km North of Pontneddfechan
SN 8963 1002

February 2015

A path immediately south of Bronwydd Farm and marked on the OS maps as “Other Route with Public Access”  is presently inaccessible. A BBNPA notice on the wired-up gate at the southern end says “No Public Access Here” and the gate is too fragile to be climbed safely. The Park Authority have confirmed that access should not be prevented and that the Area Warden will be sorting it out.

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Abergavenny – Path Diversion

Park Lodge Farm
1.5km SE of Sugarloaf
SO 2845 1841

August 2014

Footpath diverted from the edge of a field onto a farm track, for the convenience of the owner of the land crossed by the footpath. [PAR804/401/D/38]

Click here for detailed map

Llangattock – Path Diversion

2.5km South of Crickhowell
SO 2207 1588

March 2015

Footpath diverted away from converted farm buildings into an adjacent field.  [PAR804/512/D/54]

Click here for detailed map

Talgarth – Blocked Bridleway

Lower Genffordd
2km South of Talgarth
SO 1585 3166 to SO 1593 3263

March 2015

A 1km length of bridleway that follows the field boundaries near Lower Genffordd has become obstructed by vegitation  over most of its length and is blocked by fencing in places.  There are a number of difficulties to overcome in order to re-open it, not  least the fact that there is no access (legally) to the north end and that it has been severed by the construction of the original route of the A479. It is unlikely that this route will be reinstated by the Park Authority.

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