Walls of Llangynidr

The Walls of Llangynidr was initially a partnership involving Llangynidr Community Council, The Brecon Beacons National Park Authority, and the South Wales Branch of the Dry Stone Wall Association. It has subsequently formed an association with the Brecon Beacons Park Society. One can read more about the background to the formation of Walls Of Llangynidr by clicking here.

Its aims are:

  • to repair and rebuild the dry stone mountain walls of Llangynidr
  • to create a pilot community project for the preservation of stone walls within the Brecon Beacons National Park
  • to train skilled builders of dry stone walls
The Rationale

Dry stone walls form a unique part of the agricultural, landscape, historical and ecological heritage of the Brecon Beacons National Park. At one time the complete boundary between field and the open mountain would have been marked with dry stone walls.
Due to changes in farming practice, to the lack of time and labour and to economic pressures, dry stone walls have not been repaired and maintained. Some walls have been stripped out and material sold as building stone.

The Llangynidr Context

The walls around the village of Llangynidr are mainly of sandstone, but millstone grit and limestone were used to build the walls at the top of the two valleys of Dyffryn Crawnon and the Glaisfer.
Many of these walls have fallen into disuse over the last century, but significant and dramatic walls still exist.
Walls of Llangynidr is working to ensure their existence well into the present millennium.

The Selection Process

The following criteria are applied in the selection of suitable walls for repair:

  • Walls that divide farmland from the mountain
  • Walls acting as stock barriers and giving stock protection
  • Walls with landscape, structural, historical or ecological value
  • Walls that mark a community boundary
  • Walls that are close to a right of way
  • Walls that are 75% intact

Details of future rebuilding/repair projects and training courses on offer can be obtained from William Gibbs,
Chair of Walls of Llangynidr:

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