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The Alliance for National Parks Cymru was formed recently by the Brecon Beacons Park Society, the Friends of Pembrokeshire National Park, Cymdeithas Eryri Snowdonia Society, the Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales and the National Association for Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Its purpose is to coordinate and represent the views of the voluntary sector in Wales about changes which may affect the position of the National Parks. It is currently heavily engaged in responding to Welsh Government legislative and policy proposals which could have significant effects on the future of the National Parks.

A message from Jim Wilson, Chairman BBPS.

Some elements of the Welsh Government’s legislation programme and policies have the potential to have a negative impact on National Parks in Wales. The general position seems to be that National Parks are a resource to be exploited, rather than the Society’s view, that they should be used in an appropriate manner to gain the benefits they provide without degrading the special qualities of these national treasures.

As a result, the Society works very hard with other organisations to persuade the Welsh Government to our point of view for the long term benefit of the country as a whole. The sub group of CNP, CNP Cymru, that the Society helped set up to lead the support of Welsh National Parks has not been successful. It did not have the flexibility and autonomy necessary to deal with the very fluid political situation here in Wales.

The Welsh Societies requested that it be disbanded (which it has been) and we have created a new organisation to spearhead supporting National Parks here in Wales. This new organisation, which is Wales based and completely separate from CNP, is called the Alliance for National Parks Cymru. The founder members are the three Park Societies, CPRW, and the Association of AONBs. The Alliance is now operational and has initiated a “National Parks Matter” campaign. The objective of this campaign is to help protect our National Parks against adverse impacts of legislation by raising the profile of the benefits our National Parks deliver to Wales, by advocacy at the Assembly, and by responding to government consultations. In this way we aim to influence the development of the new legislation so that its final form is compatible with the well being of our National Parks. The Alliance is making good progress and is being taken seriously in the corridors of power having had meetings with government ministers, their senior officials, and with members and chairs of influential Assembly committees.

The Brecon Beacons Park Society is a key contributor to this vital work to ensure the future of the Brecon Beacons and other National Parks in Wales.

Latest News from the Alliance

Rural Wales Magazine

The Alliance is leading a campaign in support of the three National Parks in Wales called “National Parks Matter”. In support of this campaign the Council for the Preservation of Rural Wales (CPRW) has produced a special edition of its magazine, Rural Wales, with articles about all the National Parks and the many benefits they bring to Wales. You can download a copy by clicking here.

Protected Landscapes – An Agenda for Government

Given the importance of the National Parks and Areas of Outstanding National Beauty (AONB) – collectively called Protected Landscapes – it is our duty to ensure that these iconic places are protected now and in the future – hence the Alliance’s Agenda for the Welsh Government, which can be downloaded a pdf here.

Press Release April 2014

As a part of its National Parks Matter campaign the Alliance for Welsh National Parks released a press release on April 15th to all local and national press in Wales. It is hoped that this will get extensive coverage and stimulate a debate about the future of our National Parks.

First full meeting of AfNP (Cymru)

The inaugural meeting of the Alliance will be held in Cardiff on Tuesday April 29th. As well as representatives of the founders (see above), representatives of the National Park Authorities, Campaign for National Parks, Ramblers, National Trust, National Parks Wales, Natural Resources Wales and the Youth Hostels Association have been invited. The aims and principles of the Alliance will be presented and a Chairman elected.